As-salaamu ‘alaykum; Greetings of peace!

Welcome to Huntsville Islamic Center (HIC). We are located in the city of Huntsville and serve Muslims living in all of the Tennessee Valley area.We are honored to have you, appreciate that you have come to learn about us, and look forward to learning about you. Here, you can learn about Huntsville’s local Muslim community, find information about our events and services, and discover opportunities for interfaith understanding. Please feel free to join us at our events and prayer services, and to contact us with any questions about Islam or Muslims.

The center offers a place to pray, Community Center, Sunday school, summer school, Quranic and Arabic teachings in addition to a full time Islamic school that covers preschool through 8th grade. We also have weekend Flag Football and Basketball leagues throughout the year for the youth of our community.

Meet your neighbor

HIC will be holding this year’s open house “Meet your neighbor” on Saturday, April the 21st from 2pm to 6pm. Our goal is to make the event a successful one again for this year. So we need your help. You have now the opportunity to volunteer for the event.

Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn’t work) and click on “Contact the signup sheet manager” and just follow the instructions (it take a minute or two).


We will be in touch with you about training and sign up for individual jobs within the next 2 weeks.  If you have any questions please contact anyone on the planning committee listed below. Thank you for signing up for volunteering.

Hala Seif
Maisoun Zaza
Talal Kayali
Mateen Mohammad
Aladin Beshir
Sarah and Reema Matar
Ahmed Zeinelabdin
Sarah Hakim

Deborah Abu-Alrub

or email below

HIC Community Directory

Our HIC community is composed of a very wide variety of professional people that includes (but not limited to) Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Professors, Pharmacists, Teachers, Businessmen, Builders, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Car mechanics, Plumbers, Technicians, Electricians, Lawn Mowers, Baby sitters and so on. The list goes on. Basically we are quite self sufficient among ourselves. It is for our own advantage and benefit to support each other and take advantage of each other's service.

To that notion HIC is working to create a community Directory to capture our member's contact information, their professional affiliation/expertise or services they can offer. Please use this link https://goo.gl/forms/XAxUJ4BpkmDdH8Zy2 to enter your information (this is a secure web page). Under the "Occupation/Business" section in the form-please feel free to enter the service you can offer.

Your contact information will be used to establish a community directory in a hard copy format to help in severing and connecting the community member. This information will also be used for many different type of project planning purpose only. Everyone, over the age of 18 (brothers/sisters/husband/wife) may provide their contact information individually. 

Juma Khutba: 12:30 pm
Salah: 1:00 pm
July 21, 2018 (8 Dhū al-Qa'da 1439)
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr4:27 am 4:27 am
Sunrise5:49 am
Zuhr12:53 pm 1:00 pm
Asr4:39 pm 4:39 pm
Maghrib7:57 pm 8:07 pm
Isha9:18 pm 9:18 pm

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.