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Imam's Program

LectureTitleLanguageTimeLocationsWho can attend
Friday KhutbaSeriesEnglish12:30 P.M.Prayer RoomAll
Friday HalaqaTheology (Aqeeda)EnglishAfter IshaaPrayer RoomAll
Saturday LectureThe Righteous CompanionEnglishAfter IshaaPrayer RoomAll
Tajweed HalaqaTajweed and ReflectionEnglishAfter Fajr (Saturday-Sunday)Prayer RoomMen
Youth LectureManners and Etiquettes EnglishSunday 10:00ZoomAll
Adult LectureFiqh and
General topics
EnglishSunday 12:00
On Hold
& Sisters
Everyday ReminderReflection on the versesEnglishAfter IshaaPrayer RoomAll
Arabic HalaqaArabic Grammar
On Hold
English and ArabicRegistration is openBack Community HallAll
Usul-al-Fiqh LectureRules to Understand Qur’an and Hadith
On Hold
EnglishRegistration is openBack Community HallAll
Hadith Science Types of HadithEnglishThursday After IshaaPrayer RoomAll
Tafseer HalaqaMeanings and contemplationsEnglishDaily Halaqa in RamdanZoom and in TaraweehAll

Monday- Thursday after Zuhr, non IAH students are welcomed.

Friday Khutbas (Lectures)

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