Youth Event January 19th

We have organized an event for the youth grades 7th and up.  Youth only.  InnShaAllah it will be held on Saturday, January 19th.
Sara Abu-Alrub will hold two sessions that day.  One at the Masjid and one at the Abu-Alrub farm with a bonfire.
Please see the attached flyer for times and make plans to attend.  InnShaAllah we will be collecting a warm piece of clothing for a local shelter. Bring gloves, coats, hats, hand warmers, scarves, sweatshirts, etc.  (all should be new please)
Plans for sandwiches at the Masjid and a chili bar at the bonfire.  Any donations from the parents are appreciated.
Looking forward to a great event!  Contact Deborah or Ayesha with any questions.

Marriage Workshop January 26th

We will be holding a program that will provide advice and answers to common questions related to the process of marriage.  We are very fortunate to have Salma Abugideiri, LCP speak about this topic, one that will affect us all at some point InshAllah.  The more we know and understand from a faith perspective, the better prepared we are to help our children, family, and friends when the time comes.
Make plans to attend on Saturday, January 26.  She will be holding 2 sessions.  See the attached  flyer for more details.  Session 1 is from 11am to 1pm.  Session 2 is from 4pm to 7pm.
For more information please contact Deborah Abu-Alrub @ 256-289-4124 or